Helmet "Maska-1Sch" Replica

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The Mask-1Sch helmet is almost completely similar to the Mask-1 helmet. The difference is in the visor. Almost immediately with the start of production of the Mask-1 helmet, in order to simplify, reduce the overall weight and reduce the cost, the production of its modification, the Mask-1Sch helmet, was launched.

In the 1990s, “Maska-1” helmets started to be used by MVD special forces and other units. This helmet is a replica of “Maska-1”, which has a weight close to the real prototype and looks just like the real one and DOES NOT have protective properties. The helmet has a steel visor, an original suspension system. One size fits all.

The helmet has recognizable appearance and is great for re-enacting special forces in Chechen wars.

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199,00 €

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• Great for re-enactors.
• Weighs like a real one.
• The original suspension system.                                             
• One size fits all.
• Steel visor.
Helmet has no ballistic properties and will not protect the wearer from firearms!


• Visor: Steel.
• Helmet: Fiberglass.


• 3 kg.