Cookie policy of the website

Cookie policy of the website

This information page will help you understand what cookies are, why this website uses them and what options you have to prevent or allow their storage, in the form of questions and answers.

The website of the online store, where you are currently located, stores cookies on your computer, TV receiver or mobile device, through your web browser, when you visit it.

What are cookies and how do they work?

A cookie can be defined as a small text file that a website stores in a special folder belonging to the browser on your computer’s hard drive, TV receiver or mobile device’s internal memory, through your web browser. When you visit again, the browser reads these files again, sends them to the website and allows it to recognize your device, as well as identify certain information, preferences and activities performed by the user during the previous browsing of the website.

Why do we use cookies?

 We are constantly striving to improve our services and these files help us achieve this goal, mainly by ensuring the proper functioning of our website and comfort when browsing it, as well as obtaining statistical data on traffic, information on searches or the most read sections of the page.

What types of cookies do we use?


-          temporary cookies (session cookies), which can be used on this website to support some functions related to the individual operation of the user and which are automatically deleted after closing the web browser window.

-          permanent cookies (permanent cookies), which remain stored in the device until they reach the specified date and time of expiration, usually one year, or until they are manually removed by the user in the web browser settings.


-          functional and technical cookies, which mainly ensure the proper functioning of the page, storing the set preferences or capturing the data on the display of error messages. For the use of these cookies, it is not necessary to ask for your consent due to the so-called legitimate interest.

-          analytical cookies, which are used for statistical purposes, mainly for collecting information on the use of the website (e.g. number, duration and time fluctuation of visits, number of pages displayed, share of new visits, etc.).

-          marketing (profiling) cookies, which are set by us or our advertising partners of third parties, for the purpose of creating a profile of your interests and displaying content that matches them.

What cookies do we not use?

When operating this website, the outdated technology of so-called flash cookies, which bypass the privacy settings of the web browser by being able to restore the originally rejected or deleted cookies, is not used. We also do not use the technology of creating predictive profiles (profiling users based on the information contained in cookies), nor the combination of explicit data (for example from a form filled out on the page) with information obtained when using cookies. We do not collect any data that are capable of identifying the user of the website through cookies.

Are there also third-party cookies (third party cookies) on this website?

In most cases, we use mainly our own cookies (so-called first party cookies with the designation PHPSESSID), but this website also contains some innovative solutions in the form of practical tools, add-ons or plug-ins, which logically required cooperation with third parties, which similarly condition the proper functioning of their solutions by using cookies. The following third-party tools are currently implemented on the page:

Google Analytics

description: collects and evaluates statistical data on website traffic from: Google Ireland Limited supplier address: Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, D04E5W5 Ireland cookie labels: _ga, _gat, _gid privacy information is available on the page software add-on blocking this solution is available on the page

Is it possible to prevent cookies from being stored?

Yes, every website user can prevent cookies from being stored on their device. In general, by using this website, you also agree to the use of cookies, unless you have this option disabled in your browser. This is why other websites do not ask you for prior consent before storing cookies, as the relevant browser settings are considered to express consent or disagreement.

However, you can make additional adjustments to the settings in your browser to remove existing cookies, allow or block all cookies, or set preferences for specific websites, or define automatic deletion of cookies (as part of deleting browsing history) after closing the browser. However, we warn you that deleting or limiting cookies may affect the full functionality of this website in some cases.

Do you require more information about cookies?

We realize that some users are interested in learning more about the purpose of cookies, as well as their rights against this online space instrument. Therefore, we draw your attention to some interesting sites with a comprehensive range of information or practical advice:

- (general information about cookies)

- (information on how to protect your privacy on the internet when using cookies as a tool for behavioral advertising)

- (possibility to limit cookies through online settings) If you have any questions about privacy when using cookies on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us.