Kizlyar 6x9 "Vityaz"


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Knife Vityaz 6x9 is civil version of the combat knife with strong military charisma that is very similar to the combat knife Ratnik 6X9 KAMPO.

Kizlyar received a license to manufacture the 6x9 Ratnik tactical knife from Kampo. The knife has increased strength, which can withstand up to 150 kg of load acting on the center of the blade. This was one of the demands put forward by the commission of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The requirements are logical, because an army knife must withstand even the most demanding power work, it must remain in operable condition during any operation. To solve this problem, the designers chose proven Russian steel, such as 95X18 by Kampo and 65x13 by Kizlyar. The hardness of the blade is about 57-58 HRC, which are ideal values for a military knife.

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• Total length 290mm.
• Blade length 163mm.
• Blade thickness 5.0mm.
• Molle holster.
• Blade material Russian steel 65X13, 57-58 HRC.
• Handle material elastron.


• 246g knife, 335g knife with sheath.

Made in Russia