Plasch-Palatka (Cloak-tent)

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Cloak-tent is multifunctional part of equipment. It is a square piece of tarpaulin with eyelets and buttons on perimeter.
Tightening the laces along the sides while dressing, makes the collar and hood. The hood is regulated with a lace around the circumference.

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• Fabric: Palatka - 100% cotton
• Eyelets: faux leather or metal
• Buttons: wood or plastic
• Color: khaki


• 180 x 180 cm
Color: khaki

Methods of use:

• Cloak with hood (with buttoning & opening for right hand)
• Tent or tarpaulin
• By combining multiple pieces, it is possible to create tents for 2, 4 or 12 pople
• Transporting of injured or cargo
• Camouflage
• Float

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