PMK-4 "Ratnik"

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The combined arms filtering gas mask PMK-4 is designed to protect the respiratory system, eyes, and scalp from the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction, Тoxic agents including Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and  Radiological (CBRN) agents, Riot control agents and Tear gases, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs), including ammonia.

The PMK-4 was introduced for the personnel of the Ministry of Defense as a replacement for the old but popular PMK-3. Used as part of a set of Infantry Combat System Ratnik.

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This product is not certified and therefore we recommend it exclusively for collectors, airsoft players and historical reenactors.

Possibility of using optical systemsUnique protection of the respiratory organs, eyes and scalp from the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction.

PKM 4 Unique respiratory protectionPossibility of using optical and optoelectronic aiming and surveillance systems.

Possibility of installing vision correction devicesPossibility of installation of vision correction devices in the front part.

Compatibility with a set of “Ratnik”Compatibility with a set of individual combat equipment for military personnel of combined arms units, “Ratnik”.

Ability to control equipmentThe ability to control modern types of armored vehicles, as well as military vehicles, when using the PMK-4 gas mask.