Winter camouflage suit "Snegovik"


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Winter camouflage suit "Snegovik" is a camouflage consisting of three elements – a jacket, trousers and a vest, designed to disguise the user in winter under conditions of predominance of snow precipitation and negative temperatures.

The "Snegovik" set consists of an anorak jacket, trousers, a vest and a bag for transportation with a strap. The jacket and trousers are designed to be worn over outerwear, and the vest of the suit is worn on a bulletproof vest and combat belt. This design does not restrict access to pouches and other equipment placed on the bulletproof vest and belt, and makes working with them fast and comfortable.

The material of the suit is completely synthetic, does not rustle, when wet and exposed to negative temperatures, the fabric is not covered with an ice crust and does not restrict the user's movements. There are elastic cords with clips on the hood, sleeves, bottom of the jacket and trousers to adjust the volume and height. The trousers have slits on the Canadian buttons for access to the pockets of the main trousers. There are slings with fastexes on the vest for volume adjustment. The Snowman costume has a loose and ergonomic cut, so that the silhouette is blurred at medium and long range.

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• A set of camouflage for the winter period.
• The material of the suit does not rustle, when wet and exposed to negative temperatures, the fabric does not freeze.
• The vest does not conflict with the equipment and provides quick and convenient access.
• The trousers have button slots for access to the contents of the pockets.
• A camouflage set consisting of a jacket, trousers, vest and a bag with a strap.
• The ties provide volume and height adjustment and protection from snow.
• The loose and ergonomic cut blurs the silhouette and does not restrict movement.


• Polyester 100%