Helmet STSH-81 "Sfera"

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The helmet STSh-81 became just such a helmet. This replica exactly repeats the design and appearance of the original helmet, but DOES NOT have protective properties. The helmet has a complex shape, consists of three separate plates, for the connection of which a special cover is used. This decision allowed to save on materials in difficult times for the country. Also, if one of the plates was damaged, it was enough just to replace one of them, not the whole helmet.

The "Sphere's" plates are made of plastic, but the cover and suspension system are made of original materials. This helmet was widely used during the Chechen wars and in other border conflicts of that time.

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• A precise replica of the original helmet.
• Consists of 3 plates.
• Original case and suspension system.
• Perfect for the Chechen war re-enacting.


• Fiberglass.


• 1 kg.

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