Standard Cover for 6b47

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Standard cover for 6b47 helmet and also fit to 6b27 and the Nato helmets.

Your equipment will improve significantly if you decide to buy a cover for your 6B47 helmet. 

The cover for 6B47 is very simply attached to the helmet - you just need to put it on and tighten it using a tightening cord and a textile strap. 

It has valves that cover the NVG mount and the Picatinny rail.  and two goggles fixing loops.

The size of the cover is adjustable on the back of the head with an elastic cord and a fixator. The cover is very functional, made of durable Janus fabric and has high-quality accessories. It is presented in many camo patterns and can be used as a statutory item of equipment.

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• Straps for foliage and branches on the sides.
• Flaps with Velcro for NVG mount and picatinny rail.
• Loops for the goggles.
• High quality fabric and hardware.
• Issued type of cover.


• Fabric: Janus - 51% cotton, 49% polyamide.
• Strap: 100% ITGF polyester.
• Elastic cord: Polyester, latex 100% ITGF.
• Contact tape: 100% VELCRO ® nylon.


• 60 gram.

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