Universal Masking Cover "Sledopit"

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The "Sledopit" camouflage cover is used to create a three-dimensional camouflage effect for any helmet.

The "Sledopit" is installed on the dome of the helmet as an ordinary case, and is adjusted to a specific size using an elastic cord with a lock. The base of the cover is made of power camouflage mesh, camouflage leaves are sewn on the surface of the cover, providing camouflage properties.

Due to its versatility, the "Pathfinder" case can be installed on a helmet of any format, for example LHS 1+, TOUR, Atlas, 6B 47, MICH 2000 and others.

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27,50 €

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• Provides excellent camouflage thanks to textile leaves.
• Compatible with various helmets.
• Light weight of the product.
• Sewn 3D camouflage.


• Additional fabric: 100% polyester knitted mesh.
• Apri ®.
• 35% viscose, 65% polyester.