PMK-4 "Ratnik"

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PMK-4 Respiratory Protection System is a part of infantry combat system Ratnik and is intended to protect Respiratory Organs, Face, Eyes, against Тoxic agents including Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and  Radiological (CBRN) agents, Riot control agents and Tear gases, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs), including ammonia.

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This product is not certified and therefore we recommend it exclusively for collectors, airsoft players and historical reenactors.

Flexible Polymeric Visor
• Compatible with up-to-date
optical & opto-mechanical Weapon Sights & Vision Devices;
• Optically correct across the whole field of Vision

One or two FPK-7PM or one FPK-7PB Filter Canister
• FPK-7PM filter canister protects against Riot control agents and Tear gases, TICs & TIMs in small doses, ammonia excluded;
• FPK-7PB filter canister protects against CBRN agents, Riot control agents and Tear gases, TICs & TIMs, including ammonia

Low Profile MS-12 (MS-12V) Face-piece Unique Design
• Compatible with up-to-date and prospective Shockproof and Bulletproof Helmets;
• Compatible with Personal Equipment (Tactical Body Armor Vests and Tactical Headsets etc.)

High Efficient Hydration
• Easy Eating of Liquid Meal;
• Compatible with both the Standard Water Canteen and the Back Worn Hydration System (Camelback type)