Ratnik Bodyarmor "6B45" ( Set )

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6b45 Ratnik is standard body.
Body armor 6B45 is a part of the "Ratnik" combat equipment set. Designed to protect against melee weapons, explosive ammunition fragments, small arms bullets, as well as for transporting elements of combat gear in removable pouches.

This vest is a replica of a 6b45 and made from original fabric.

Set includes arm and groin protectors!

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• Complete copy of the original model.

• Copy of the vest.

• Fits GRANIT and SAPI plates.

• Allows to attach removable parts (groin and shoulder protection).

• Molle System for attaching pouches.

• This copy has no bulletproof properties.

• The best solution to save the original vest and practice out in a replica.

The vest is designed only for airsoft, cosplay and collectors and is not intended for ballistic protection and has never been tested or certified.


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