Bandage dressing individual 6 inches "Rhino Rescue"


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Lightweight and compact, sealed in sterilized vacuum packaging. Thanks to the vacuum sealed packaging, it has a long shelf life. Unlike analogues, it can be used with one hand and is suitable for dressing wounds on any parts of the body: limbs, head, etc.

The fixing bracket ensures that the bandage is fixed quickly and intuitively, and can also be used to exert additional pressure on the wound. The Stop&Go system provides controlled pressure of the bandage without the risk of untwisting, and the loop at the beginning of the bandage supports the correct positioning of the sterile pad on the wound.

Unlike other Russian analogues, the brace does not come off the bandage, the bandage itself does not tear and the bandage itself is very elastic.

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• It consists of a gauze bandage, a pad and a pin
• Everyone should have it!


• Gauze

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