Arm-V Pro3 AEG Controller

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Do you want to achieve a high fire rate and a fast trigger response?
Do you plan to increase your AEG performance?
Is your battery capacity 7.4V not enough and you want to change to 11.1V or even 14.8V?
Then you need the Arm-V Pro3 Controller.
As a result, you get a better rate of fire and instant response from the trigger, and this provided by third generation MOSFET.
Do you have a compressed spring after a single shot or instead of one shot you shoot twice?
Are you tired of your engine stop in any position?
Is your battery running out at the most critical time?
In a game with limited ammunition does your AEG have a rate of fire like laser gun?
In this case, you need an Arm-V Pro3 controller.

Made in RUSSIA

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ARM-V Pro3 monitors the gears position, switch and trigger.
The data is directed to a control unit that evaluates and checks the engine through the Active Brake.
ARM-V Pro3 checks the entire shooting process, so it does not matter how fast it is pressed
ARM-V Pro3 ensures that the entire shot cycle is always realized and the piston always stops in its
of the original position.
ARM-V Pro3 contains the "Low Drain Protection System" that prevents damage of your
LiPo battery by not completely discharging it.
In the case of a technical problem, ARM-V Pro3 stops shooting and thus prevents any damage of
internal parts.(Sound, vibration and light signaling)
ARM-V Pro3 also accelerates the trigger response time to instantaneous. ARM-V Pro3 is
fully programmable using a special USB Flash Drive with program for your computer.
Ability to always download the latest update with one mouse click.

Made in RUSSIA

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